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Cargo delivery & Customs clearance

International Company IMPEXGROUP is a reliable forwarder with years of experience. Among clients of IMPEXGROUP are Chery, Chevrolet, KLO and others.


IMPEXGROUP provides clients with full complex of services: customs clearance in Ukraine, customs clearance in Kiev, customs clearance of import and export operations, overland cargo delivery, cargo consolidation in the port of loading, cargo delivery on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

Container transportation with IMPEXGROUP is possible not only on the territory of Ukraine but also to any destination point over the world where this service possible. Besides we realizes delivery of export-import and transit cargoes on the territory of Belorussia, Russia, Mosdova and EU. Delivery is possible by all means of transport.

Thanks to effectively organized and aligned processes, we carry out delivery in the shortest possible time. Rapid and reliable delivery comes true due to agreed work of transport used by IMPEXGROUP: railway, airway, truck, seaway.

Any deliveries and customs clearances presented by IMPEXGROUP, executes taking into account Customs and port peculiarities. Also we consider all desires and propositions of our customers.

IMPEXGROUP not only provides services to transport cargo, but also offers a full range of related services required by our customers.

IMPEXGROUP services for our clients are:

  • Availability of services
  • High level of cargo safety
  • Wide range of means of delivery
  • «Door to Door»service
  • Possibility of container transportation arrangement
  • Quick Customs clearance service
  • Absence of preoccupation as for transportation and Customs clearance of your goods.

If you order services at IMPEXGROUP, you are provided with :

On-time cargo delivery

All our customers can recon on delivery in shortest possible time. Accomplishing delivery of customers’ goods we as more precise as possible planning the work of transport involved into the process in order to avoid long-term delay on the route.

Besides we are ready to assume Cargo Customs clearance. It is not a problem to our specialists at all.

Advice and Information

Executives of IMPEXGROUP always ready for providing customers with full consultation in the area of cargo delivery and Customs clearance procedures.

We will keep you informed about cargo location and its conditions at all stages of the transportation, fully controlling the process from its start to unloading at customer’s warehouse.

Full range of services

Ordering our services you can be sure that our specialists take care about:

  • Collecting of all necessary documents for Customs clearance process
  • Calculation of Customs tax and fees
  • Preparation and submission of documents to the Customs bodies
  • Full control of Customs clearance procedure of all kinds.


To Deliver goods of our customers quickly an in time IMPEXGROUP staff bear all complex of services connected with Customs activity.

Customs Clearance

If you need Customs clearance in Ukraine IMPEXGROUP executives are always ready to grant you this kind of service quickly and with high quality. You will forget all difficulties connected with such a troublesome and tiresome process as Customs clearance. Besides we are ready to provide our customers with necessary consultations and references concerning this area as in Ukraine as abroad.

Customs clearance executes highly qualified specialists with year of experience in the work with Customs bodies. Providing Customs clearance service to our customers we significantly save their time, money and efforts. With IMPEXGROUP Customs clearance process will take place without delay and in compliance with Customs laws. Besides you will be free of declaration issuing, obtaining certificates and collection of necessary documents.

Customs clearance in Kiev

Cargo Customs clearance procedure is a highly demanding and responsible process. IMPEXGROUP specialists ready to assume not only transportation of goods but Customs clearance of any cargo as well.

Ordering Customs clearance to IMPEXGROUP you can be sure that this process will be under control of high quality, experienced executors, well knowledgeable with current legislation standards and all delicacy of this matter. Our representatives fulfill necessary paper works, payments of duties and fees, issuing transport documents and declarations.

Our services also include Customs clearance of Export and Import operations.

Customs clearance of Export

If you need export goods abroad our executives provide you with exceptional service on Export Customs clearance procedure. Collecting and submission of documents to Customs body, payment of all necessary taxes and fees, monitoring compliance with required Laws –we will care about all this things.

Ordering Customs clearance of Export procedure you can always expect for detailed consultation and quick professional passing of Customs procedure.

Customs clearance of Import

If you need import of goods IMPEXGROUP assumes all activities during going through Customs formalities. After signing of the contract with a customer we take upon ourselves following: notifying of Customs bodies, accompanying and authorization paperwork, all necessary payments and control of Customs bodies actions.

During years of work our customers became our friends: